DJ Mixer Express 5.8.3

Create custom audio using two virtual DJ decks and other tools via a user-friendly interface

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows NT / Windows XP

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DJ Mixer Express 5.8.3
DJ Mixer Express 5.6.2

DJ Mixer Express is a piece of software that uses digital track decks to mix new creations from existing MP3 files. With this software, you have the freedom to mix how you want.

If you've ever used an interface for an audio software suite before, the UI for DJ Mixer Express will feel quite familiar. On the top portion of the app screen is a collection of the most common and useful tools and functions an audio suite of this caliber should have. There are controls for filters, speed, volume, pan, and there are two virtual decks.

On the lower half of the app screen is a series of timelines for each track that is currently playing along with a complete library of all your music content. The software is meant to feel as close to the real thing as possible, so DJs who have neglected to transition fully into the digital world won't have any issues transitioning now.

The virtual decks behave exactly as physical decks would in the same circumstances. You can even scratch the decks to produce that classic raspy sound. It is a bit cumbersome to have to manipulate the controls with the mouse through the top of the app window, but you'll get accustomed to the change relatively quickly.

Your library that shows up on the bottom of the app window has an excellent and precise search function that certainly overcomes the dull nature of the music database.

DJ Mixer Express wouldn't be a complete mixing software suite if it didn't include a number of professional-grade audio filters. These advanced filters are just the start for the software, however. It also features a number of amazing effects like delay and brake reproduction. To add the finishing touches and help finalize your creation, the software includes a number of preloaded instrumental loops and an auto-panning function.

One issue that DJs of all experience levels tend to deal with is discerning the BPM rate, or Beats Per Minute, of a song. Without this knowledge, it is nearly impossible to seamlessly mix two audio sources. To help with this, DJ Mixer Express can detect the BPM rate of songs so you don't have to worry about it. Even veteran DJs will love this feature.

Perhaps the most annoying feature of this software is that it is a free trial for a full paid version that has the complete functionality of the suite. With the trial version, you don't have to pay a dime, but you also only get to use the software for 20 minutes before the trial is complete. This provides you with enough opportunity to try out the functions and general utility of the app, and you may have time to start your first project, but you almost certainly won't finish it in the allotted time. This might prompt you to upgrade to the full version if you feel the software is worth the effort and your money.


  • Multiple Tools
  • Well-Organized User Interface


  • 20-Minute Free Trial

DJ Mixer Express is a fairly straightforward mixer program that can be used to make audio creations with the music on your computer. It features quite a few professional controls, addons for more control and an interface that will be familiar for any professional DJ.

Adding music is simple. You can drag and drop music into the program's playlist with ease or navigate to the music in any directory that you want. If you're new to being a DJ, the interface resembles a standard sound control deck that can be used to get advice from any sound engineer, DJ or amateur artist on you can reach.

Do you miss having a record to scratch? Clicking on the playback bar will allow you to warp, reverse or spin the music in any way you want without destroying a perfectly good piece of vinyl. Sure, it doesn't have the same authentic sound, but anyone who grew up with actual scratch parties knows that the music and drinking is too loud the get the subtle nuance.

If that's your thing, don't worry. Records are making a comeback just for you. No need to piss off old people by ruining their old records.

There are a few plugins that are compatible with DJ Mixer Express, but make sure to check with the developer if you have any questions. Try exploring a few communities for DJing, mixing and other sound services if you want to explore other ways of bringing the full potential of DJ Mixer Express out.


  • Great soundboard features that can be found in many entry and mid-level soundboards. Rather than investing in a cheap, real life starter, this will do a much better job.
  • Easy to read interface with a large playlist for keeping track of your music.
  • Digital interface for precise tracking of song times, volumes and other properties.
  • While this is a PC version, there is a Mac version available as well. If you're versatile, using both and ignoring the childish platform arguments is easy.
  • Saving files is easy, and playback depends on the codecs you have installed. I haven't thrown too many weird formats at it, but it's something worth checking out.


  • This isn't a massive, professional studio soundboard. If you're trying to mimic a million dollar setup, this doesn't have all of the options. That said, people have done better jobs with basic mixing than some professional studios.
  • The Professional version from the same company expands many of the features that a more experienced DJ would expect.
  • The scratch area isn't nearly as wide or versatile as an actual record deck. Maybe a virtual representation of an actual record deck would help? Add as many as you want, then scratch! It'll go perfectly with today's touchscreen environment.
  • Another issue with the scratch, it's a very set pitch. Scratching does sound a bit different in real life depending on how you scratch and where you scratch in the song, but for a basic program it's not much of a con.

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